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The FIDE World Chess Championship was recently held in the "Hall of Columns" in Moscow. The result? GM Vassily Ivanchuk and the VERY young R. Ponomariov will play a final match sometime in January, 2002 - to see who will be the new FIDE Champion.

Lots of "Man vs. Machine" action. First, Kramnik played Deep Fritz, then Deep Junior and Kasparov squared off. Then Bareev played several fine and carefully played games against HiarcsX. (Then Kasparov drew against Fritz_X3D.)

Anand won the 2003 CORUS/Wijk aan Zee tournament, in Hoogovens, NED. This was one of the strongest tournaments in recent times, all the best players were there with the exception of Garry Kasparov.
FEB. 2003: Apparently GM V. Bologan has just won the big Aeroflot Open in Moscow, Russia.


In 2004, Anand seems to be winning everything in site. (Wijk aan Zee, Dortmund, Mainz.)  Fischer has been detained in Japan. 13 year-old Magnus Carlsen is electrifying the chess world.

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