Favorite Links
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Stay tuned for LOTS of links!!!
I hope to have 10-20 links here they may be of interest to you, especially if you are a chess player!

Remember to check back often!!

Search Engines
AltaVista You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
Lycos One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
Yahoo! With over half a million sites divided into more than 25,000 categories, Yahoo! is both browseable and searchable.
InfoSeek GO Network is a new brand that brings together the very best of the Internet in one, easy to use place.

Favorite Sites
My big & huge GEO-CITIES Chess web-site The best private chess site on the Internet!!!

My nice Angel-Fire Chess web-site! My really nice Angel-Fire Chess web-site!!

The Internet Chess Club THE on-line place to play chess.
The U.S. Chess Federation's Official web-site The official for organized (competitive) chess in the U.S.A.
CHESS ... on About.com - Want a place where the is LOTS of chess stuff to see and do? Need a page to keep you busy? Want REAL value for YOUR time? Would you even like a link to somewhere you could PLAY chess ... and DON'T have to download somebodies' software?

The "Humans vs. Computers" web site. Click here to see my new "Humans vs. Computer" Page.