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Welcome To My Home Page, here on FreeServers.
My name is A.J. Goldsby I. I am a U.S. Chess Federation Original Life Master.

I am 46 years old and have been playing (rated) tournament chess since 1966. (My first tourney was in 1964, but it was not USCF-rated.)
Last Site update(s)
This site was created on Dec. 28th, 2001.
(Using the on-line tools.)
Last up-date: August 23, 2004.

I will be agressively pursuing options of updating this site as often as possible and using whatever tools necessary to make this site more attractive.
A.J. playing chess.
A pic of me at a Florida Chess Tournament.
(Thanks to Mr. Harvey Lerman for providing
 the original of this photo.)

Coming soon, games, downloads, a Guest Book and more!
Soon you will be able to see chess games here, and sign my Guest Book. I will also try to have some exclusive chess downloads here for your enjoyment.
Drop me a line!

No junk on my site, just chess related stuff!
Lots of good stuff coming, so stay tuned!!

GM Michael Adams. (During the FIDE KO Event.)
I like nice photo's!